If you have been purchasing white turnips in Animal Crossing New Leaf for the 3DS or City Folk for the Wii, then you know the stress of never knowing when the time is right to sell. I set out to find the secret and now you can benefit from my research for free!

Earn massive amounts of bells by using my Stalk Market Wizard every day. He will tell you exactly what to do with your turnips. Simply check your turnip prices in the morning and afternoon daily, enter them into the wizard as you get them and you'll receive his recommendation. Remember, the more thorough you are with checking your turnip prices at Re-Tail or Tom Nook's, the better the results of the wizard. You will be amazed at the bags and bags of bells you will be carrying around!

Go to your Re-Tail store (New Leaf), or Tom Nook's (City Folk) to check the turnip price every morning and afternoon. The price changes at noon every day, so make sure you check it twice a day or the Wizard may give you bad advice. Enter the turnip prices below... (Note: The price you purchased your turnips for (on Sunday) isn't necessary for the Wizard to give you a recommendation.)


Does this work in both Animal Crossing New Leaf and City Folk?

Yes. If you've enjoyed using the wizard for City Folk, be rest assured that he will be just as accurate for your New Leaf game. Nintendo used the same algorithms for the Stalk Market in New Leaf.

Does the wizard just randomly guess what to do?

No. I analyzed hundreds of weeks of turnip prices using my custom neural net to find common patterns in the data. From this analysis, I programmed the wizard to respond to perceived patterns so he can help you make more bells than your pockets can hold.

What if I forget to check my prices twice a day?

The wizard is smart enough to fill in prices that you may have missed, but he may not be as accurate in his predictions. The more diligent you are in your price checking (before noon and after noon every day), the more accurate he becomes.

Will I always make a profit with turnips?

No. Around 15% of the time, Reese or Tom Nook will not give you a chance to make a profit for the week -- no matter how long you hold onto your turnips. The stalk market wizard will help make sure you lock in incredible profits on the weeks that Tom Nook is a little more forgiving. If you use the stalk market wizard, it would be unusual for you to lose more than 50% of your investment. Without the wizard, you have the chance of losing much more.

Is there any way to influence the turnip prices in an upward direction?

No. In Animal Crossing New Leaf and City Folk, there is no way to "cheat" the turnip price system.

The wizard is telling me to sell, but I have a feeling that prices could go higher. What should I do?

I'd trust the wizard. But, if you are letting greed get the best of you, you can sell half of your position. In other words, if you bought 500 turnips, sell 250 when the wizard says sell, then sell the other 250 on the next price change. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it fails.

Why did my turnips rot?

You didn't sell them soon enough or you time traveled (set the Wii clock back) back in time. You buy them on a Sunday. The latest you can hold them is until Saturday night. If you hold them longer, they will rot and just become a wonderful home for ants.

What is the largest selling price for turnips you have seen?

680 -- but I think the maximum would be about 700. This would be an extremely rare event though.

To test out the wizard, I put in some random numbers and then a big one, but he is saying Hold instead of Sell. Why?

The Stalk Market Wizard is expecting you to put in numbers that actually happen in the game. Reese and Tom Nook don't just come up with just any old random number. They use a defined pattern around 85% of the time. The Wizard can spot those defined patterns and help you earn massive bells. It isn't just a simple math function that says [if price > (some number), then sell]. The wizard is far smarter than that. :)