Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the pattern onto my Wii?

The pattern maker only creates a pattern for you. It is still your responsibility to play the game and actually use your wii remote to put the pattern in. This isn't a hacking tool or a cheat for Animal Crossing City Folk. The pattern maker just helps you design your own patterns quickly and easily.

I want to use a picture from an internet site. How can I do this?

Go to the web site that has the picture you'd like to use. Save the picture to a place on your computer that you'll remember (your desktop is a good place). Then in step 1 of the pattern maker, choose the file by browsing your computer.

How can I post my pattern on a forum?

This depends on what kind of free image host you want to use. I personally like TinyPic and ImageShack. I'd suggest that when you are on the screen that shows you your animal crossing pattern, that you click on the "Save Pattern" button so you will have a copy on your hard drive. Then, you can go to any image host and upload your file. Each image host will have instructions on how to post it to a forum.

How can I print my Animal Crossing Pattern?

On the last page where you see your pattern, I've included a handy "Print" button. Click on that and your browser will redirect you to a print ready page and it should automatically bring up your print dialog for you.

I linked directly to my photo, but now it is gone. Why?

The patterns that are created are quite large and take up disc space. Every 30 minutes, I've got my sock monkey going through all of the patterns and deleting them from the server to save space and to keep things running quickly. Remember to save your pattern to your hard drive -- then you'll always have a copy.

When I try to crop my image, it isn't working. Why?

The cropping page requires that your browser has Javascript enabled. You can read this page to find out how to enable it.