Create Patterns for Animal Crossing City Folk!

Designing realistic patterns for Animal Crossing City Folk has always been one of the things I've loved to do in the game. I'd find a photo of something I liked and then I would try and recreate it in City Folk. Unfortunately, the limited palettes made things very difficult -- so I set out to develop a way that I could create a pattern quickly, easily and accurately. I've spent many hours developing this pattern maker and I hope you enjoy it and share your designs with your friends and family.
Click the create a pattern link at the top of this page to get started...

Will This Work For Lets Go To The City?

Absolutely. Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City is just another title for the same Wii game. You should be able to use this pattern generator in any country.

What Steps Are Involved In Creating A Pattern / Design?

Step 1 : Select an image from your computer's hard drive.

Step 2 : Use your mouse to crop a portion of the image to be used as your pattern.

Step 3 : Look at the 16 images created that are based on the city folk palettes and decide which one looks best.

Step 4 : Enjoy your pattern!