If you've been playing Animal Crossing : City Folk for the Wii and been simply sauntering up the the beaches and rivers hoping to catch the "big one", you've been doing it wrong -- just like I used to.

As you may have suspected, not all fish can be caught at any time of the day and a majority of the fish aren't swimming every month either. With my guide, based on hundreds of hours of gameplay and many many hours of online research, you will be able to easily know when, where and how you should be fishing. Stop wasting precious real life hours waiting for a fish that may never come. Read more about my 32 page guide below...

Every month of the year, the fish change in Animal Crossing City Folk. Sometimes, certain fish only stick around for half the month. This confused me and it certainly confused my daughters when we started playing the game. That's why I decided to create a calendar that would list every fish that you could catch each month. You will be able to know what hours of the day have the best opportunities and which don't. The calendar also shows how much Tom Nook will purchase each fish for, the size of each fish and also where the fish can be found. And finally, if you are trying to catch every fish in the game, I've provided you with a checklist column to help you keep track of your progress. And unlike the "Official Prima Guide to Animal Crossing City Folk" (created by Nintendo), my calendar is easier to use and it isn't riddled with errors.

At the end of the calendar I've also included a handy museum fish checklist. If you like donating your fish, this checklist is just what you have been looking for.

While I was developing the fishing calendar, I played a lot -- a whole lot. At the beginning, I noticed that even though I was casting out my line to the fish, I wasn't always able to pull them in and I wondered what the secret was. One night, my fiance turned my attention away from the TV and the lightbulb went off. When I showed her my new method, she thought I was crazy. But as I write this, she is using my secret and pulling in pounds and pounds of fish.

I'll give you that secret and more...

  • Learn what has been scaring all of your fish away.
  • Learn how to catch the fish that swim inside the waterfall -- easily.
  • Learn a way to attract more fish to your bait -- no skill involved.
  • Learn why fishing bridges could be a waste of your time.
  • Learn why selling your fresh rare fish to Tom Nook isn't always a good idea.
  • Learn how to turn your fishing luck around in an instant.
  • And even more...

As a FREE BONUS, I'm also including my custom Bug and Insect Calendar along with a handy insect checklist you can use for your museum donations. For all 12 months, you will also know when, where and how to catch every bug and insect in the City Folk Game. The summer months are crazy -- you'll be running around with your net swinging all day! Here is a quick tip if you are having trouble catching the tarantula and scorpion: Never walk around with your net out (equipped), if you do -- you will be attacked almost immediately!

Download the Fish and Bug guide right now and learn how you can be the envy of your friends. You'll know the secrets of every fish and insect, and soon they'll come begging you for your hard-earned bells!

Remember, there is absolutely ZERO RISK in purchasing this guide. If for any reason, you are unhappy with the product, just send me an email within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of your money. I'm confident that you and your family will find my guide useful and informative.

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If you have any questions about the guide, feel free to send an email to kurtboyer@gmail.com. I'd be happy to help you out and will answer as soon as I receive the email.