How to stop Gateway TouchPortal from starting when Windows starts

I was removing a virus today from a Gateway ZX4800 computer with Windows 7 64-bit and I noticed that it had an application called Gateway TouchPortal that was running. My issue with it, was that it started automatically when Windows starts and it took me a bit to figure out a way to get it […]

Road Trip Games

My fiance and I have just released our newest book after thousands of miles of driving across country and a crayon stabbing incident. If you have children and are planning a road trip within the next year, you have to check it out… Ultimate Road Trip Games

Are Cowboys Immune From The Swine Flu?

Of course cowboys are immune to the swine flu. We take precautions just like everyone else. I clean my spurs every 15 minutes and never touch them to my nose, eyes or mouth. When I’m riding the fences, I’ve always got my surgical mask on. It makes me feel like a bad guy. I just […]

Worst Pay Per Click Ad

  While viewing my Google Gmail account this morning the most odd pay per click ad came up. Somebody had actually created a Google Adwords campaign and just left all the defaults in place. I wish I had money like that to waste!

Swine Flu Pandemic?

On my way to work this morning, I heard a lot of radio chatter about the swine flu and quite frankly it made me a bit nervous — until I actually did some research myself. So far there are 20 confirmed cases of the “swine flu” as of today in the United States, but none […]