This is the personal blog site of Kurt Boyer. I started this website in October of 2001 to serve as a personal diary and as a tool for site visitors to learn the answers to many questions that I get daily.

I guess you can call me a geek. I’ve been programming since the age of 8 and have worked with and for some very well known companies in my business life. For the last 14 years, I’ve been programming in Golden, CO and have found a pretty good niche where I handle (alone) the software and web side of a small business with around 4,500 clients. There isn’t a programming language I can’t handle — web or desktop. I also do graphic design, I’m an author and I tie my own shoes.

If you are looking for a local Colorado guy to handle a project for you (small or large) I may be your candidate. My handshake is my word and I’ve done great work for a lot of people.

You can click on the Contact link up at the top of this screen if you’d like to — well — contact me.