How to stop Gateway TouchPortal from starting when Windows starts

I was removing a virus today from a Gateway ZX4800 computer with Windows 7 64-bit and I noticed that it had an application called Gateway TouchPortal that was running. My issue with it, was that it started automatically when Windows starts and it took me a bit to figure out a way to get it to stop. I’ll post my method of stopping it in hopes of helping another user out there.

Instead of uninstalling the Gateway Touch Suite, I opted to stop the process by performing the following.

1) Click on the Start button (the windows button).
2) In the search box on the bottom, type in MSCONFIG and press enter on your keyboard.
3) Click on the Startup tab.
4) Uncheck the “TouchPortal” item by “Acer Corp.
5) Click on the Apply button.
6) Click on the OK button.

If it asks you to reboot the computer, please do that. The Gateway TouchPortal should no longer start when Windows 7 loads.

Note: There is also a process called “Acer Touch Portal Monitor”. I left that checked and running. It doesn’t seem to affect anything adversely.

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