Denver Ski Train Sold To Canadian Company

Denver Ski Train

Denver Ski Train

The historic ski train that has transported passengers from Union Station in Denver to within 100 yards of the base lift in Winter Park and back has been sold to a Canadian company after 69 years of service.


Visiting the website¬†takes you to a single page that has a picture of the train and a scrolling message that thanks Denver for its 69 years. There are no links to any internal pages, but if you’d like to reminisce, you can get into the site by visiting their winter page.

Grab an archive of their photos and videos while the website is still up and running. This is a sad day for many Coloradoans.

3 comments to Denver Ski Train Sold To Canadian Company

  • Susan

    Well damn! Glad I took the trip while it was in operation! What the hell is wrong with these companies? Why doesn’t the Canadian company continue operation of the train? Totally sad!

    (Thanks for making it easier to leave comments!)

  • kurtboyer

    It looks like Phil Anschutz sold the ski train to Algoma Central Railway. Hopefully they don’t just grab the cars and run. I’d like to see them create new tour packages and increase ridership. Probably a pipe dream, but I’ll be optimistic.

  • Susan

    Yeah, a new tour would be nice, maybe keep the train going in the summer… looks like their company does lots of train tours, so hopefully it’s a good move… we’ll see though.

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